Surveillance is one of the most underutilized tools in an investigator’s tool bag when conducting an investigation. Often it is because surveillance requires a specific skill set that many investigators do not possess. Private Investigators has a dedicated team of highly trained licensed private detectives that bring decades of specialized and sophisticated surveillance techniques to our agency, making us a premier licensed private investigation company.

“I am partial to surveillance video because it puts the court at the scene of the incident while it happened without actually being there…”  Judge J. Ferguson, OCSC

Why does my case need surveillance?

There are several reasons why your case may need surveillance. One of the most popular reasons for surveillance is during a cheating spouse investigation; however, there are several additional reasons for surveillance. Some of those reasons are:

  1. Proving where someone works
  2. Identifying Hidden Bank Accounts
  3. Identifying the Associates of a Person
  4. Identifying the Vendors or Customers of a Company
  5. Proving Child Neglect or Abuse
  6. Identify Hidden Assets
  7. Building a Daily Habit Pattern for a Person
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