The Private Investigator Firm services the entire Country with local investigators in all 50 States.
Our team of licensed private investigators near you are law enforcement trained and consists of detectives with specialties ranging from cheating spouses to criminal defense investigations, insurance fraud investigations, and background checks investigations. Regardless of your case, our Private Investigators and Private Detectives understand the importance of your case and the sensitive issues surrounding confidentiality and conducting discreet investigations.
Cheating Spouse Investigator
Are you concerned that your significant other might be having an extra-marital affair? Do you have the feeling that your wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend may not be faithful to your relationship? If you find yourself with these questions and need answers, our cheating spouse investigators can get the answers you need. Our licensed private investigators use several tools available, such as mobile and stationary surveillance, covert camera, and undercover investigators when conducting a cheating spouse case. In addition, our Cheating Spouse Investigators use sophisticated video and other practices to obtain the answers and evidence you need to answer your questions.
Cheating Spouse FAQs

  • What does hiring a private investigator cost to catch a cheating spouse in ?
  • How do I hire a private investigator to catch a cheating spouse in ?
  • What is the state law against a cheating spouse in ?
  • Can I use the evidence your private investigator obtains in court to prove that my spouse is cheating on me?

Missing Person Investigator
Our staff of experienced investigators has decades of experience locating missing people. A missing person can identify someone to serve, process upon them, runaway children, and locate a parent who has absconded with a child. Whatever reason you may need to locate a missing person or find an old friend, our missing person investigators can assist you in locating them.
Child Custody and Family Law Investigator
Private Investigator has private detectives that specialize in family law investigations throughout . In addition, our clients can rest assured that qualified family law investigators will handle their sensitive investigative needs through our extensive network of licensed professional private investigators throughout the United States if the need arises.
Some of the areas our family law investigations are used for including the following matters:

  1. Divorce
  2. Child Custody
  3. Move Away Orders
  4. Proving Income for Child Support and Spousal Support
  5. Proving a Parent to be Unfit
  6. Family Law tailored background check
  7. Proving Cohabitation and Income for Spousal Support Matters

Our child custody and family law investigators have the proven experience that helps win cases and protect family members.
Surveillance Video
In court, surveillance video is often used to document the evidence that our licensed private investigators obtain while investigating family law matters. But, again, this is where experience matters, and Private Investigators have it. With hundreds of hours of testimony in court and depositions, our private detectives know and understand what it takes to obtain the evidence and present it in court to be admissible and not dismissed.